We cover all forms of t-shirt printing, most notably: screen printing, digital printing, transfer printing and sublimation printing.

Silk Screen T Shirt Printing

There are 3 common methods of printing custom t-shirts. The traditional screen printing method is commonly known as silk screen printing. It has been around for thousands of years when the screens actually meshed with strands of silk. The techniques have evolved over time of course, but the fundamental silk screen printing process has remained much the same.

DTG Digital Printing

Most recently Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, which uses a modified version of inkjet printing technology with t-shirt printing inks, has become the method of choice for superior personalised t-shirt printing.

T-Shirt Transfers

T-shirt transfers are available in various levels of quality, but at 24 Hour T-shirts, we pride ourselves on providing you the highest possible transfers. 

Other t-shirt printers may opt for the flimsy, stiff and cheap transfers that barely survive one wash, but with us, you’ll receive the latest state-of-the-art digital transfers using premium quality substrates that handle years of use and laundering.

The experts at custom t-shirt printing in Sydney (and Australia!)

24 Hour T-shirts has been printing custom t-shirts since the 80s. We’re experts at printing t-shirts. Using semi-automatic multi-head screen printing machines, our daily printing capacity is of more than 5,000 pieces for bulk orders. Our climate controlled digital t-shirt print room houses the latest technology in DTG printing machines. The print results achievable are nothing short of amazing. Digital t-shirt printing has matured and the results achievable have, in many instances, surpassed any custom printed t-shirt result achieved in the past.

Amazing t-shirt prints!

From a detailed full colour photograph to the most intricate print, our digital t-shirt printers produce a premium quality result that will amaze you (it still amazes us!) In recent years digital t-shirt transfer printing technology has taken a giant leap forward and is now so cost-effective in print quality and durability, that the use of digital transfers is more often than not the best option for a printed t-shirt task.

For any custom t-shirt print event on sportswear!

With the introduction of sports t-shirts made of fancy blended fabrics, sports t-shirt transfers are often the best option for this application. At 24 Hour T-shirts we have a t-shirt printing solution tailored for any custom t-shirt requirement; whatever it may be. 

Trust us like thousands of Australian businesses and individuals to do the job right.

When it comes to t-shirt printing, we’re the experts! We’d be more than happy to guide you through the process of reproducing your artwork as a t-shirt print. Just give us a call on 02 9559 2400, if you’d like a hand. We’re here to help!

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